Sunday, November 13, 2011

     Good Games End. It's a tragedy really. We go back and play them over and over again but eventually there are no more achievements left or we've gotten a score so high that it takes hours to improve and the game just stops being fun or interesting. Yet hope remains. The sequel is coming, all that must be done is wait, sometimes... But other times titles, franchises and even entire types are abandon. It is those games that this blog will address.

     Some of the games I have played and loved have never been remade. I would like to change this but I am not in the game industry and am not going to have enough money to start a game project any time soon (let alone five or six). So I will describe the games that I would like to see in the hope that it will inspire someone to do what I can't. I am also interested in playing any games that any of you readers recommended as being close to what I describe.

     The most straightforward way to describe what I want, is to define what types of games there are and to point out the types that I would like to see more of. I will talk of types of games instead of "genres" because while it is the common term for different categories of games as divided by game mechanics (ie RPG, RTS, FPS etc) it is a poor term for that. A genre in literature relates to the contents of the plot and the setting (ie sci-fi = in the future, fantasy = past etc). What I really want is to classify games in relation to their mechanics. This is so I can point to games made in the past and say make one like that; and have it be understood that any plot setting and characters will do if the mechanics are similar. By mechanics I mean how the player interacts with the games and how the game reacts to the player (ie do I play by pointing with the mouse and clicking to fire or by typing numbers into a spreadsheet and what types of activities can I take part in).

     So every day; two days; week; month... two days I will discuss one game in terms of what type of mechanics it has, what category I would put it in and why it should be remade. till I run out of games that need making then I will discuss games I have played and how they could be better. Tomorrow an outline of categories as I see them.

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